Do you want to improve your brazilian waxing skills?

Do you want be faster at brazilian waxing but you don’t know how?

Do you want to build your waxing business?

If you said yes to any of the 3 questions, then our bootcamp is for you!! Gain access for 30 days to Stephanie Laynes, L.E. & Creator of the 7-Min Brazilian Wax Technique right from the comforts of your computer. Stephanie has traveled across the US, Australia & Canada educating estheticians on her technique and is passionate about waxing and the hair removal business. Her unique style of waxing and business savvy will change the way you look at your business!!

30-Day BootCamp includes:

~Easy to learn positions and waxing techniques that you can easily use during your waxing service.
~Brazilian wax application with soft and hard wax.
~Waxing business tips that you can use in your business now.

If you are serious about improving your brazilian waxing skills and you want to make more money, I can help you achieve both now!!

*Please note: This is a daily course and requires daily participation on facebook for 30 days.*

Cost: $97 per person

Purchase Your 7-Min Brazilian Wax Kit:

7-Min Brazilian Wax Kit