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About Stephanie Laynes

Stephanie G. Laynes is a licensed esthetician and has been an esthetics educator & esthetic consultant. Her interest in esthetics started in 2003 when she obtained her esthetician license and worked as the head esthetician and trainer for Pure Beauty, Inc. in San Francisco. Following that, she opened her own clinic in collaboration with an obstetrician/gynecologist, and she still continues to work behind the chair, educating and training other professionals on the fundamentals of waxing around the world. Every product Se-Brazil & SkinnyHair Wax product has been used by Stephanie in her own waxing studio to insure the best quality products for all waxing services. With years of experience as an esthetic educator, lecturer and estheticican Stephanie brings a unique edge to the waxing world. "The Waxin Diva" with her famous 7-min soft/hard wax brazilian Stephanie is creating a buzz in the esthetics industry with her extremely fast-wax technique.

March 2017

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February 2017

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September 2016

Are You Ready to go Solo??

Working for yourself can be the most rewarding, exciting and frustrating journey you will ever take. Speaking from years of experience of being an esthetician and business owner, I often find myself receiving this question quite often from new estheticians.

Each week on Tuesday evenings, I set aside to time to chat with hundred’s of estheticians […]

December 2015

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September 2015

B-Bright Skincare Products Review from an Esthetician

In August 2015 I expanded the Smooth Skin Supply LLC family to include wholesale skincare products for licensed estheticians. We went a step further and included the option to private label option with a low investment of just purchasing 12 of the same products to start.

We currently offer “Sample Days” at random for estheticians who […]