Just want to say, I recently did the perfect Brazilian wax on my friend (free of charge relating to this post) using my 7min Brazilian wax box. And thanks to thistraining, I played and paused the 7-minute Brazilian video while emulating the technique and using Se Brazil waxed during the wax. It was the best wax ever! Fast and thorough!!!! Nothing left behind. So easy! I can’t wait to do it again and again!
Kimberly Gallagher Wurtz, Esthetician CALIFORNIA
I feel like a beast in my studio because of you!!! I feel way more confident in my technique and the products made all the difference. My larger client this morning was done waaaayyy sooner than it normally takes me. She rebooked and said she never does it more than once a year, but like to get on a 4 weeks schedule with me!!!! Yaayy!! Working on my time!
Nora Hollaway, Esthetician MARYLAND
Okay so I did the entire routine without a problem. Still kept my 15 min time but working on it. But this was my first time following each step to the T …. even doing the stick trick. And I am loving the coco/diva mix. Now if I can just cut my time in half I will be on my way to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
LeAnn Esparza, Esthetician CALIFORNIA
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7-Min Brazilian Wax Tutorial w/ Se-Brazil Seven Wax
7-Min Brazilian Wax Tutorial w/ Se-Brazil Latte Wax
7-Min Brazilian Wax Tutorial “Hairy & Scary” Troubleshooting
7-Min Brazilian Wax Tutorial w/ Se-Brazil Coco & Diva Mix
Brazilian Wax Tutorial-Se-Brazil Latte Wax plus-size model (female)
Brazilian Wax Tutorial-Se-Brazil Seven Wax plus-size model (female)
Brazilian Wax Tutorial-Se-Brazil Coco & Diva Mix *New Position*

Troubleshooting Brazilian Wax Tutorial-Se-Brazil Coco & Diva Mix w/ Se-Brazil Seven (Long Hair Client)

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The ABC of the BSC – Male Brazilian Waxing Video

Male Brazilian Wax Video
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Discover the art of male waxing with Axiom Wax Academy – the UK’s top hair removal school for aspiring manscapers. Axiom Wax Academy is the UK’s leading authority in men’s hair removal education in the UK.

This video shows a full male brazilian with hard wax by Axiom Wax Academy Owner, Andy Rouillard.

Video Length: 57 mins